New Year Eve with a lot of surprises, how should I be carrying on?

A surprised party thrown by my friends - at 11:30pm with foods, alcohol and just the love of people. I haven’t felt that for so long, I realized I missed it so much. The last time I felt this was a summer night 2018, when I got invited to my own roommate (live with my friends before moving in with me) and we had a lot of laughing — then went to bar with Micheal, feeling to myself that I need friends, community… then things vanished. What a surprise party. New Year Day, a lot of sadness and pressure already. What do I do? Maybe try to bot using internet mindlessly — no browsing Youtube and Reddit this year. Let’s give it a try.
  • Focus when doing something, completely focus!
  • Get a cold shower in the morning, well, maybe going with hot water first then a bit normal temp water at the end.
  • Gym at home, boxing, push ups!
I lost sometime again, started to feel so depressed anytime I wasted time, getting so frustrated. Ok focus now.