Mar, 2023

Guilty, restless, when will this be any different?
Depression, or I just love to torture myself
Sad Saturday again

Feb, 2023

Why bragging?
I have no manner
Fellows got the work I was late to work on
Daily report
Wasted money due to anger
Sad day again, partying

Jan, 2023

Some thoughts on writing
New change (cat’s year) to start over again
Cold Turkey
A mundane, boring Monday
What a day
Gloomy Saturday
New goal
New day of Lunar New Year
New Year Eve with a lot of surprises, how should I be carrying on?
Random thoughts

Dec, 2022

Love or not love, why do we care so much or think so much
A last sad Wednesday
Coffee and Tea
Cold day, trying again

May, 2022

A good Saturday that ended with a wonderful "date"