A mundane, boring Monday

Kind of missing the old artistic me, a while ago somewhere in the middle of any roads, ponds or lakes … I also decided for the last time, I cut all the ties with XY. My life is better moving on. Am I cheap? What are other goals? Money, fame, how to serve people, how to prove myself having some values? Something cool I learned from someone on hacker news
Realizing that sitting for 8 to 12 hours per day coding is catastrophic for my health. Understanding the incredibly high and hidden cost of conflict and anger. Films romanticize fighting the good fight. Avoiding a fight (legal, arguments, etc) until you absolutely can’t is worth a lot. Creativity and intellectual progress happen in a quiet relaxed and happy environment. Leadership starts with humility. Big companies signal unassailable leads and competence but tend to be wildly dysfunctional which makes them vulnerable. Yoga fixes lifelong back pain that drugs, swimming obsessively, chiropractors and workouts could not fix. Confronting death isn’t that scary, even for an atheist. We don’t deserve dogs. Everyone is the main character in their story, including you. You can be good at just about anything you love doing but can’t be good at many things. You can’t buy time but managing your time obsessively has its own cost. Early mornings are a very special time because no one else is up and it is the quietest and most productive part of the day.