Cold Turkey

I cancelled the meeting with ZW today, it is unbelievable that I kept promising to people and I kept failing to deliver. I will quit the following cold turkey:
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Hacker News
Cold Turkey, remember being Cold Turkey! You have to do something for your life, why keep wasting? I have so much toxicity and negative energy in this blog.
  • I rant into major difficulty on Project ZW, cannot seem to work on the general case, left alone the comparison principle I have touched!
  • Project RO: I haven’t touched it since Friday, supposed to read some technical things
  • Project TK: haven’t touched it since 2 weeks ago.
The elephant in the room: what have I done with my time? It is super hard to quit a bad habit! Christ, I keep destroying my credibility in people eyes.
  • I fucked around with ZW, kept slacking off!
  • Last week R told me he gave me another change, now I fucked up!
  • K probably so tired of me already.
I need to know that keep beating myself and feeling down is not a good idea. When trying to work again things feel extremely hard, then it is so much easier to just feel down, I can’t do it, and then went back to the old routine with bad habits, … then 10 minutes (or hours) later feeling so angry and disappointed.