Guilty, restless, when will this be any different?

First day of March, 2023. I feel useless, time keeps passing by and I do nothing, nothing at all.
  • Read and understand the growth rate of solution near the boundary (started 2023-03-01)
  • Mentor X: key is to keep a list of questions, also I don't have to prove that I can do everything on my own, the key of mentoring is to help me be efficient with my time, and whatever I feel curious I can go back and work on that later in life. The key is to take advantage of what Russell has done and to use it to help me getting more and new results to the world. It was an amazing interaction, I learned so much from him, and he encourage me so much. Learning a new field is tough, and that is why he produce fewer papers. What do I need to do? Keep a list of questions.