K. V. B has a boyfriend

My friend from Philippine, K.V said 2 years ago she was going to Italy for studying, not for love. Ding! She has a boyfriend today on her Instagram. She looks so damn cute with him side by side. Why does it bother me? Why can’t I ever get some happiness? Seeing M yesterday at church with her friends was a big blow into my face. I felt I am was immoral. I am sliding into the hill of beating myself up again. It seems like there is nothing that can stop me from spiraling down to this madness. I was longing for a meaningful relationship, at the end I am all alone. It was me the problem all the time, I just never admit it. ——

You’re Not Lazy, You’re Afraid : How To Force Yourself To Take Action

Procrastination is a problem we all face throughout our entire life. Some of us do it more than others but we all have experienced procrastination. When asked why we procrastinate, we generally hear the answers, “I’m lazy,” “I’ve got poor time management,” or “I’m a perfectionist.” You may have even used some of those excuses yourself. The truth is, we aren’t any of those things. Those aren’t the real reasons why we procrastinate. The real reason is anxiety. Procrastination is a protection mechanism. Every time we think of doing something that has a chance of making us look stupid, us failing or getting rejected, the part of our brain responsible for flight, fight, or freeze goes crazy.

How To Fix It

What is the opposite of anxiety? Excitement. Excitement and anxiety are on the same spectrum and it is just a matter of how to perceive an event that determines whether you are excited or anxious. You can be anxious about transforming your body, or you could be excited to get your dream body. You can be anxious about getting your work done, or you could be excited to crush it. When you look at all the things that could go wrong, you wouldn’t want to do everything in your power to avoid it. What happens if you change your perspective? What happens if you look at all the things that could go right? It causes excitement and with that, you will be eager to do it.