A good Saturday that ended with a wonderful "date"

A good Saturday that ended with a wonderful "date" There was a moment during driving to Sala Thai I got a "revelation" kind of feeling. It felt like I am impossible to be unhappy, even though I tend be be sad, it is just me trying to stay in the bottom to be "safe", that is I can use depression as an excuse. My mind was super clear at that moment, I was living, I was alike [1]. But my mind was super clear, super super clear. I totally did not feel any depress even though I want to be depress as I used to be. Maybe I finally break out of my depressed bubble? This will be the changing point? Anyway, this is thanks to the fact that I got positive interactions today, with:
  • my A asked about R, I felt so happy when he wanted to know who R is and how I felt him like my father,
  • Rob, I sent him a text message quoting the line in my dissertation where I thanked him, and the iPhone autocorrect it stupidly from *dissertation* into *dissatisfaction*, lol,
  • Brooke, which was about to come. Maybe I was so excited to see her, and it gives me hope or a drive to be happy?
Somehow I was extremely clear in my mind, there is no way I can be depressed. Why? I do need people to be happy and to live well. Well things turned out super cool. I arrived at Sala Thai pretty early but on-time, like 5:33 pm. I got inside, got a table for two and waited for Bro. She showed up shortly afterward. There she is, a nice, calm lady with a mesmerizing, very peaceful smile. She gave me a hug! We went inside and for a moment I had so many things to talk about, kind of weird. Awesome foods, she also brought with her a super cute **sugar glider** in her small pocket.
  1. 1. Is it just because My advisor just talked to me a bit and I felt his validation had helped me? Or is it the medication Remeron?